Strategy Of Development
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“Go ahead, progress is what we long for”


The operating fund of the foundation comes mainly from the uncompensated dedication of those considerate and enthusiastic fund directors and certain warm-hearted supporters. Although the amount of donated fund is quite considerable, it is far from aiding hundreds of millions of people who are in need.We will cherish every step which leads to the thoroughfare of success. We will not look down upon little good deeds, on the contrary, we will try to work hard on it, till good is better and better is best.


 “Companions come after the one who has morality”


We have never worried about being alone on the way to the thoroughfare of humanitarian aid. The foundation and several charitable organizations work close to one another to give aid to people who are in need. We will cooperate with any organization or individual with the same goal through mutual assistance and mutual encouragement in order to have perfect score. Any organization or individual with the mutual goal and being alone are welcome to contact and join us at once. Please do not hesitate.