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Beyond all the limit of natural borders, regardless of nationality, race, sex, age, political affiliation, creed, providing humanitarian aid such as livelihood, education, medical assistance and so on world-wide to every human who is in need.


Core Value: All For One and One For All


The civilization of mankind is accumulated from the intelligence, effort and dedication of ancestors. The capable person should feedback to the society to keep, promote and pass on the sustanalbe development of the human civilization to next generation.


Keep an eye open for the world, the geographical environments of countries in the world are different and the natural resources among them are not distributed evenly. Also under the influences of politics, religion, race, culture etc and the factors of nature result In some regions, people with less fortune can only dream of having rights which are regarded as essential and reasonable by civilized human society, such as geting human necessities-particular food, clothing and shelter, and accepting proper education and medical treatment.


Whenever and wherever there is a dream, hopes come along. Hope is the pillar of the soul and the  motive power of all development and progress. Let all dreams concerning humanitarianism come true is equivalent to present the glorious ray of the human nature. Promotion and development of human civilization are let by this brilliant and glorious ray illuminate the whole world.




The International Boundless Dreams Come True Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization with no political affiliation and religion creed, incorporated in Hong Kong in 2004 (IR File No. 91/7601). It is based in Hong Kong with every effort to aim at promoting humanitarian aid all over the world.


Our chairman, Mr. Mango Wong has an experienced finance background in Hong Kong. Apart from operating business of “Dream Optical City Limited”, he devotes himself to the community in Hong Kong. Since the year of 1999, he has implemented eye-glasses donation to” HKSAR Outstanding Student Selection”, donated cash coupon of eye-glasses to “Direction Association For the Handicapped” on several occasions, and collaborated with “ Oriental Daily Charity Fund” and “Lions Clubs International” to donate eye-glasses to the old.


In 2004, all the directors of “Dream Optical City Limited” including Mr. Mango Wong considered that the mission of humanitarian aid should not be within the limit of territory. Therefore, steps for the humanitarian aid should be made strategically out of Hong Kong. In order to reach a new mile-stone of the mission and fulfill the humanitarian aid better, the board of director came to acclamation to establish a foundation. That is how “The International Boundless Dreams Come True Foundation” comes.